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Our business domain of “communication infrastructure” has become an indispensable industry to people.
Furthermore, currently new innovations are occurring in mobile network technology as we head towards the next generation society that uses IOT, AI, big data, etc.

We play a role in developing infrastructure that people can use comfortably and that will result in less stress on mobile network communications.
Going forward, besides land services, we will also promote the development of infrastructure for spatial information as well (inspection, survey, 3D imaging, etc., of high-rise equipment) as demand for spatial information increases.
We offer consulting services that make full use of the engineering knowledge and know-how that we have accumulated through these businesses.

Core principles in promoting our business Our company name was created with the following as our corporate principles.
A foundation based on a “noble spirit (bluestone)” to link goals such as “growing as humans”, “contributing to society” and “maintaining the happiness of employees”, to create a virtuous circle of growth.

As a company that plays a role in contributing to society, we will continue to forge ahead by maintaining a flexible mindset to promote and create new businesses without being fixated on existing services.
Constantly questioning “whether we are useful to people” and “whether we are improving society” through a challenging spirit while capturing social needs accurately.

Bluestone Link & Circle Corporation CEO
Muneki Ishizawa