From Mobile to Mobility

Applying our mobile engineering expertise,
to a smart mobility society of the future.

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About Us

We contribute to infrastructure development for a pleasant network society.

At present, being connected to our social networks on mobile is a big part of our life, making the mobile our intimate partner instead of just a device.
To be always connected, network coverage and quality are a critical aspect of service.
We at BLUESTONE provide engineering services that underpins that uninterrupted services behind the scenes.

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BLUESTONE L&C supports infrastructure development to smoothly perform mobile data communications.
We link people anytime, anywhere in a world where connectivity is taken for granted.


Mobile network technology

We aim to expand and improve the quality of the communication area of mobile phone carriers. VIEW MORE

Spatial information solution

We propose infrastructure development solutions through the effective use of spatial information data. VIEW MORE

Consulting services

We provide consulting services for wireless engineering and mobile applications. VIEW MORE